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When experiencing an automatic garage door malfunction, efforts need to be made to install a new electric door or upgrade the existing one; it’s not an easy task, though. There are a lot of minors - yet essential - factors that should be taken into consideration when deciding between an automatic electric auto garage door and a roller door. Luckily, some companies offer installation services in the field of auto garage and roller door installation services.


  • Visual appeal - an electric auto garage door can improve the appearance of a house. As a result, ensuring that the automatic garage door is installed correctly is an essential factor, and automated garage door installation services that take into consideration the visual appearance of the auto garage should play a big part in your selectionThat is because the automatic garage door installation service providers will be primarily responsible for advice about the materials to be used. When a quality electric door installation services provider hired, the client will be free from worries about the appearance of the structure due to an unattractive automatic garage door. Thus, the business' or home’s exterior will be enhanced a great deal.
  • Garage door dependability - The primary purpose of getting an electric automatic garage door or roller doors is for security purposes. The automatic garage or roller door that will be installed should come with a few essential attributes. It should be dependable and reliable. The automatic garage door manufacturer should have a reputation for remaining problem-free. A reputable roller garage door installation services company can advise you as to the security and durability of the auto garage door that you select. For example, the door that is installed by the garage roller door installation services should be secure enough to protect the auto garage from illegal entry. In fact, the security of the auto garage or rolling doors installation service should rank first on your list of selection criteria, followed immediately by services that will guarantee the long-term durability of the automatic garage door.  Again, ask the roller door installation services team to advise you on these features.
  • Garage door insulation - Although usually overlooked, the auto garage is an important extension of the house given how often it is used and that it is commonly used to store family property. Thus, insulating your automatic garage door is essential. Automatic garage door insulation can help save on the electric bills, especially when the auto garage is attached to a home. Automatic garage doors with good R-values, a measure of thermal resistance, are crucial in insulating the garage:  the higher the R-value, the better insulated your automatic garage door will be. This insulation around the electric door will also help reduce outside noise, as well as prevent cold or hot air seeping through the sides of the automatic doors.​​​​​​
  • Garage door resistance - Since any automatic door can malfunction, consumers should look for automatic electric auto garage door, roller door installation services that take measures to reduce accidents. Doors with automatic pinch resistance can push the finger away when it is detected close to the door. Tamper resistance that is put in the bracket components of an electric automatic garage door also reduces injury risk. Both measures are important in ensuring that accidents are minimized in the day to day operation of the garage door.


It might be natural to think that it is a good idea for one to personally install the electric, automatic garage doors to save a couple of dollars. And, it is possible to install the automatic or roller door yourself and make a small saving. However, doing it yourself comes with a considerable number of drawbacks. When installing a large automatic door alone, the chances of injury are high.  If you decide to do it your self, be sure to consult with the appropriate electric, automatic, roller door installation services expert first before embarking on the task. Moreover, whether you select a roller door or an automatic one, you should choose one that can be maneuvered safely and comfortably to complete the work successfully.



Windows enable the inside of an auto garage to be well lit during the day by allowing natural light to flow inside. By making the right decision on where to place the window, the auto garage door will have a stunning look. It is usually advised to put the window on the top parts of the door for optimal light. The window to be installed can also be customized to include decorative features. Designers can add frosty plastic or decorative glass to give the auto garage a modern look. Some designers even include barn windows in the design to give clients the feeling of an old-fashioned auto garage door.

Electric wiring for automatic garage door

It is usually tiring to get out of the vehicle to open the garage door. If the door is not automatic, it would be a brilliant idea to install an electric connection that will make it automatic and eliminate the manual job of pushing the door to either open or close it. After installing the electrical wire, a switch will be all it takes to close or open the door. The door can also be equipped so that remote control can operate it. Again, consult with your automatic, auto roller door installation services provider to identify the best wiring set up.

Automatic garage door lock

Automatic garage doors do not require a lock as it will remain closed while engaged. It will, however, be necessary for one to include a mechanism for locking the garage door if the automatic locking feature not works, things like a power outage can cause that. A garage door lock is essential for a variety of reasons. First, garage door locks to improve the security of the premise by making it easy and safe for one to leave a vehicle inside the auto garage while the owner is away since the lock makes it harder to break into the auto garage. And, since it will be harder to break in, chances are the thief will not even attempt to break in at all.

Automatic garage door sensors

Finally, with an automatic garage door, chances of an accidental closure that will result in physical injury are high. It happens because of the weight of the electric, auto doors. When the auto garage door is installed with an adequately functioning technology equipped with sensors, chances of such accidents in the auto garage will be much lower, preventing such complications from happening.


There are different types of garage doors: chain-drive, belt-drive, screw-drive openers. Choosing which of these is to be installed by the automatic or roller door installation services will depend on what you want. The more features that are included, the higher the price. The price of chain-drive openers is the relatively low price when compared to the rest, but they are noisier. Screw-drive openers are the next step up, followed by and belt-drive openers regarding cost and efficiency. The warranty offered by the auto garage door opener installer will vary from one model to the next. In some models, the warranty lasts for the lifetime of the door, while others will last only a few years. It will be good to bear in mind that an opener will last for around ten years, depending on care and maintenance. Thus, it will be essential to address any odd sounds or problems with functioning immediately.


As discussed above, choosing automatic or roller door installation services is crucial and should be approached with care. It is advised to keenly consider both the automatic door and the roller installation services providers so that it will be worth the money invested. For example, some roller door installation service providers do not charge for removing the old door in the case of installing a new automatic door. Thus, before deciding, carefully consider all options.


Automatic Door Repair

Electric automatic doors have been in use since the 1960s when it was found that manual doors were difficult to open during adverse weather such as strong winds. Automatic door popularity has grown since then with many commercial or public buildings adopting them due to their ease of use, especially for those with children or when there are lots of people in one area. Possibly more importantly automatic doors make building much more accessible for less-abled individuals such as wheelchair users, the elderly, or those with other infirmities such as mental health issues. By easing access, they allow more individuals to have independence and meet part of the required standards for “reasonable adjustments” to be made which ensure that disabled people can freely use buildings.

Domestic homes also have electric automatic doors usually to allow access to the garage, so understanding more about them is beneficial to all. As with any machinery, automatic doors will require ongoing maintenance and occasionally repair which is the topic of this article. Covered is a basic understanding of the automatic doors, what regular checks should be carried out, and when to use auto doors repair and maintenance services.


Automatic doors move as approached allowing the person or persons to move freely into the building; they achieve this by using various electric sensors that detect the approach and respond accordingly. Modern automatic doors have motion or optical sensors (previously pressure-sensitive mats were used) these use a microwave beam to detect movement which then instructs the door to open, once the person has passed they will notify the door to close. These sensors are very effective but can have problems when movement is slow such as with the elderly. Other methods are infrared sensors that detect temperature changes rather than moving so not affected in the same way. In practice, a combination of sensors is often used.

Once a person has detected the electric sensors send a signal through an electronic system to the drive or cog which turns connecting rubber belts that pull the doors open. Each door is mounted on rollers to make sure they move smoothly.

Alternatively, if the automatic door is a garage door or similar (e.g., security shutters, gates, barriers), they likely operated by a remote or button rather than via sensors. The movement mechanism will be similar, however.

Automatic doors are complicated pieces of equipment and may need the use of auto doors repair and maintenance services to ensure safe operation.


If the automatic door is in a public building, then the owner or employer has a legal responsibility to those using it (e.g., employees or visitors) to ensure that the electric automatic door is ‘fit for purpose’ that is operating correctly and unlikely to cause any injury. The law prescribes a certain level of safety that must be adhered to. Some decide to employ auto doors repair and maintenance services to provide an ongoing contract of service to met all safety requirements.

At home where we have family and visitors which we want to keep safe, keeping automatic doors in good condition and checking them regularly, is just as important. Litigation can still be enforced if an accident occurs so consider whether the use of auto doors repair, maintenance services is beneficial.

The automatic doors trade associations provide information on all aspects of automatic door use and administer a certification program for door inspectors and those providing auto doors repair and maintenance services. Their guidelines indicate the following:

  • The automatic doors should have the proper specifications (following standards for power-operated doors) according to its use
  • Always use qualified technicians that hold certification for automatic door installation and annual safety checks
  • Plan auto doors maintenance and daily inspections
  • Make each door as automatic
  • Adjust speeds of opening and closing appropriately. Set time delay and make sure all sensors are correctly positioned.

A daily safety check of automatic doors should be carried out to identify problems promptly, so repairs can be carried out by auto doors repair and maintenance services if needed. Here’s how to do that:

  • Always exercise caution when checking electric automatic doors, an improperly-working door may open or close unexpectedly.
  • Always check each automatic door when electricity is turned on and after power loss. For daily checks choose a time when nobody is using the door, each day check is a good idea to establish a routine.
  • Check electronic sensors by walking towards the automatic door using a moderate speed but walking towards the door at some different angles. Step out of the sensor range to ensure safe closing. Repeat both ways for two-way doors.
  • For automatic swinging doors; place yourself in the safety area behind the door and have a personal approach on the other side, the door should not open while you are there.
  • For doors with electronic holding beams (keep doors open while people are there); Cover each beam with your hand and remain motionless, the door should stay open. Remove your hand and check to close.
  • Other electric safety detectors; bend into a crouch in the doorway and remain still for 10 seconds, the door should remain open.
  • If any problems are detected, shut off electric power immediately and re-route pedestrians through an alternative door. Consult auto doors repair and maintenance services.


Whether the automatic door has an electric sensor opening mechanism or other, they will need ongoing maintenance. Auto doors repair and maintenance services will offer different levels of support to suit different budgets, but these are some of the services to be expected.

Basic service should include checks at regular intervals by certified professionals of the door opening and closing speeds, sensor function as well as checking all components and adjusting or replacing as needed. If a more comprehensive service is required for auto doors repair and maintenance services, there may be an annual subscription which gives all the necessary level plus preventative maintenance at pre-determined times.

Whatever level of service chosen it is essential to hire suitably qualified and appropriately certified professionals. Check this when deciding which auto doors maintenance and repair services company to use.


An automatic garage door is a massive moving object which has the potential to cause injury if not operating correctly, so regular maintenance is essential and auto doors repair and maintenance services usually used for complicated tasks. The manufacturer’s instructions must always be followed regarding inspection and maintenance but follow a general guide as to what to include:

  • Inspect the hardware for signs of wear or indeed broken parts (include all components; springs, cables, rollers, etc.)
  • Consider using auto doors repairs and maintenance services for repairs unless you are confident you can do so yourself safely. Remember springs are under tension and can cause serious injury if handled inappropriately.
  • Lubricate rollers, springs, hinges, and tracks regularly as instructed by your owner’s manual. Silicone-based household oil or white lithium grease usually used.
  • Test the balance; disconnect electric mechanism and operate by hand, it should lift smoothly and be able to remain open a few feet off the ground.
  • Test the automatic opener is working correctly (this is especially important if not in daily use)
  • Test the force settings by holding up the bottom of the door as it closes; excessive force should not be needed. Adjust sensitivity according to your owner’s manual if required.
  • Perform a 1” reverse test (especially after adjustment or repair); place a piece of wood approx. 2” x 4” the path of the doors and activate the opening mechanism when the door hits the wood it should stop and reverse immediately.
  • If any problems are detected, disconnect from electricity and refrain from using until repaired by auto doors repair and maintenance services or other qualified persons.

The above maintenance schedule should keep the automatic garage door working correctly and ensure that users are safe but consult auto doors repair and maintenance services for advice when needed. A word of caution with children who can be fascinated with moving objects and buttons, they should not operate the controls. Keep remotes or transmitters out of reach always; a push-button control should be out of reach and positioned five feet from moving parts.

Ensure that no one under the automatic door while running.

Finally, a look at common problems which may occur and what may cause them. Electric automatic doors have some components which through use may degrade and cause a breakdown.

  • The automatic door opens but doesn’t close – Check the sensor - is it plugged in and aligned correctly. It may also be faulty.
  • The door doesn’t open but the opener operating – Check for worn gear, chain sprocket, broken chain, or door disengaging.
  • The door reverses or doesn’t open or close completely – check for obstructions or adjust the sensitivity.
  • Automatic door remote control issues – Check for loose wires or faulty transmitters also ensure that batteries charged.

Remember that safety is the most critical factor when making checks, carrying out maintenance, or operating the automatic door. When unexpected problems occur always consider hiring professional auto door repair and maintenance pros!